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CCA Talent Night 2007

Central California Alliance held it’s 7th Annual Talent Night at Roger Rocka’s on Tuesday, January 23rd. The evening included a buffet dinner, silent auction and a roster of talent from the Central Valley. To view our video of highlights from the talent portion of the night, visit our Multi-Media Gallery.

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Gay Rights Music Video

One of the things I do to exorcise my creative demons is to create a music video from time to time. I’m constantly listening to music and movies and video have fascinated me since I first picked up an 8MM camera. It’s therapeutic for me, especially given the current state of the nation.

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Gibson Is A Monkey

Reality in America is fairly out of focus. We tend to accept words from any source as reality, without so much as a follow up question. With celebrities it’s far easier, since our knowledge of them is based on an act, or a publicity interview. It’s rare that any of us ever gets to know

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Interview With Q Allan Brocka

Writer and director Q Allan Brocka received an achievement award at this year’s Fresno Reel Pride Festival. Allan has been contributing to and coming to Fresno’s film festival for years. He’s currently in Toronto, Canada working on a gay themed series, Rick & Steve, The Happiest Gay Couple In All The World,  which is scheduled

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