Clovis Unified repeals policies negatively affecting teachers and students

After extensive negotiations, the Clovis Educators Association and district revised policies on student site plans and personal items, allowing inclusive access to gender-affirming facilities without obligatory parental involvement and enabling educators to display personal items sensitively. This marks progress toward a more inclusive and legally compliant educational environment.

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LGBTQ+ Town Hall

Don’t miss your chance! We have over 25 organizations that are going to discuss their programs, services and pathways to get involved. We’ll start with quick introductions of the organizations that are LGBTQ+ or LGBTQ+ serving, followed by an announcement of the request for proposals for City of Fresno funding, finalized with Q&A and social

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What did you just say?

Oh no you didn’t! Or rather, yes my kid did! There are many things I am ready for in this world. With the joys of how fast the world is moving, I have even had to prepare myself for things I thought I did not have to think about for quite some time. For those

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Justice for Nex Benedict

February 26, 2024 Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, Charles McCall, President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma Senate, Greg Treat, Senate Minority Leader, Kay Floyd, House Minority Leader, Cyndi Munson, Senate Education Committee Chair, Adam Pugh, House Education Committee Chair, Rhonda Baker Oklahoma State Legislature2300 N Lincoln Blvd,Oklahoma City, OK 73105 Subject: Request to

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