Battle lines Drawn

The war over domestic partnerships and same-sex marriage in California has entered probably its most bitter stage. Three initiatives to constitutionally ban domestic partnerships and enshrine marriage between heterosexuals were approved for signature gathering in July. All three require at least 600,000 valid signatures to be placed on the ballot next year.

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Gays in the Military

        Gays in the military????? NO! Many ask the big question "why not?" Why can’t an openly gay person suit up and protect our country? Suit up and help spread democracy and liberty to the supposed nations who "need" our military force on their soil?        Personally, I am against the "struggle" in Iraq. However, the ban of

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Start NOW before it’s too late

Just ten months from now, the June 2006 Primary election ballot will include three Amendments by the Religious Reich that will take away our RIGHTS as members of the LGBT community. These amendments will not only ban Same Sex Marriage but will also abolish Domestic Partnerships and if they are successful they will be the slippery

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