9th Annual CCA Talent Show A Great Success!

On January 20th the CCA held their Ninth annual Talent Show at Roger Rocka’s Music Hall in Fresno’s Tower District (1226 N. Wishon Ave). The CCA, or Central California Alliance, has been around since 1993. With goals and objectives that are quite clear, their aim is to support the LGBTQ community in any way they can. One of the ways they help out many of the organizations here in town is to hold fund raisers, the one we are going to talk about today was quite fun and well worth the money.

The night started off with a spectacular dinner buffet, which is customary at Roger Rocka’s, that appealed to everyone.  The dinner featured Roast Beef, Baked Tilapia Au Gratin, and a delicious Cherry Coke Glazed Chicken. There were many side items to choose from, some of which were Mixed Vegetables/Fruit, Soups, Rice, Salad, and they also had a full bar in the back. The staff was very friendly, and quite happy to host the event. “Gay people are the nicest people,” commented one of the employees when I asked him about what he thought about the crowd.

After the dinner there was a span of time for people to bid on the silent auction. Some of the items included things such as a one hundred dollar VISA gift certificate + 6 movie tickets, Lock Smith services by Aloha Rainbow Lock and Safe (Give them a call, (559) 447-KEYS), and various wine gift sets, with all proceeds going to the LGBTQ groups in town.

The show itself was definitely the main course, with a full line up of singers, (I must admit I was a bit nervous about that) each with at least two songs to perform. Let me just say, I was blown away by how amazing the performances were. One of the best shows of the night came from Lilly Dale Murray, when she gave it her all and belted out “At Last,” an Etta James Classic.  We all know that is a hard song for anyone to sing, even Etta, but she nailed it. It was definitely a show stealer, but good thing the show was not over.

There was also a really fun performance from Teri Robinson, a local Transgender woman, and her songs got everyone involved, even howling like monkeys. You had to have been there. The last performers  of the of the night, Noa Kristi, of Aloha Rainbow Lock & Safe, and Bear Murray, gave a well received performance of the old country classic, Cow Patty.

So around this time next year when you are looking for something fun to do, why not be charitable at the same time?  Make a donation to a great cause, enjoy a free dinner, and watch a great show, which benefits the community we are so much a part of. You never know, you may just have the best time you have had in a while. I know I did.


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