A Ranting Against Anti-Gay Marriage Rants

Gay marriage comments are nothing new. Many are, and continue to be, meritless arguments. Recently, dot429 posted a picture (below) to its Facebook page.  Since its posting, there have been over 5,000 comments- most positive, and others…not so much.

After reading through some of the negative comments, I decided to make a list of my five most annoying posts (all of which were posted multiple times, by different people). 

Homosexuality is not “natural”:It’s hard arguing with ridiculous, but I love a good challenge, – so here goes: One can argue that virtually everything we do is “unnatural,” at least as it relates to the rest of the species we share the earth with. Clothing, cars, eyeglasses, monogamy, and marriage (yes, I’m going there) are things HUMANS “do” which are “unnatural.” 

Merriam-Webster defines unnatural as: not being in accordance with nature.

I don’t know about you, but when is the last time you’ve seen any other species of animal (in it’s natural habitat) wearing clothes, eyeglasses, or driving cars?  

As for monogamy, I know this might shock you, but there are only 11 species (other than human) that are monogamous or close to it:  Five mammals, a fish, a lizard, and four birds.  To put this into context, there approximately 1.3 million identified species of animals, making the percentage of monogamous animals roughly .0009%; none of which get married.

I guess by virtue of this argument, one could conclude that marriage is as unnatural as homosexuality. 

Homosexual couples cannot reproduce:While this may be true, neither can approximately 16% of heterosexual couples. Should we seek to limit the rights/devalue the self-worth of this subset of Americans who are medically infertile? 

Even though gay couples (and  a portion of straight couples) are unable to reproduce, there is one important thing we can do: we can provide loving homes for the 150,000+ children up for adoption each year- children born to heterosexual parents who are unable or unwilling to raise their own children.

The Bible states that homosexuality is wrong: Last I read, there is no clear verse that reads:  “Homosexuality is wrong.” It does have a verse or two that may imply it, but it’s vague at best. And those that claim it does are probably looking through the lens of a confirmation bias

If I had to guess (and yes, this is a guess), God would have been more clear about the topic of being gay if He (or She, [yes, I also went there]) were truly against it.) 

However, several things the Bible clearly outlines as sin which are still legal and/or accepted are: divorce, pre-marital sex, casting judgment on others, adultery, and “Sunday-fun-day.”  

Hate to ruin your Sunday folks, but the Bible is so clear about Sunday being a day of rest and the “Lords day” that it’s  one of the Ten Commandments. I don’t think God anticipated people using “his day” for binge drinking, NASCAR, or football (another guess).

God made Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve: Anyone who uses this argument to justify their anti-gay sentiments is not worth talking to. Turn around, walk away, and don’t look back. Normally, stupidity is not contagious. However, in extreme cases like this, it’s not worth the chance. Entertaining this argument might actually be a sin itself. Approach with caution.

Allowing gays to marry will cause the American society to collapse: This is an old argument, which has been used before. It was used when justifying slavery, banning interracial marriages, and when minorities were denied the right to vote. Last I checked, society is better off since ending those policies; and I’m almost certain that the Roman, Grecian, and the Mayan empires didn’t fall because of gay relationships.

The point of my rant is this:If you don’t agree with same sex relationships, then don’t be in one. If you don’t agree with gay marriage, then don’t marry someone of the same sex. 

If you don’t want to vote in favor of gay marriage, then don’t; but quit with the failed logic and nonsensical arguments. I accept the fact that America is a democratic society and people are free to vote however they like. 

If you are one of the dwindling people adamantly opposed to gay rights, there are a few things you should keep in mind: 1) You’re going to be on the losing side of history; 2) Your reasoning, religious or not, is flawed and is in most cases hypocritical; 3) There are, or will be, gay people in your life. At some point you will have to accept that being gay is not a choice, and that gays and their relationships are not going to disappear.


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