A Sad Goodbye…



It is with a sad heart that we learn the Express in Fresno is closing its doors. They have served our community well for 10 years and we all owe them a lot! I remember years ago it was the first “gay” bar I had ever been to. It was so nice being in a place and feeling comfortable being yourself… especially somewhere local. Lee (the owner) has always donated money towards LGBT events. He has always been a big supporter of Gay Fresno and Gay Central Valley. It saddens me that we are losing such a huge person to our community and dare I say historic part of our local LGBT culture. I’ll never forget the great times had there when there really were no other options. Thank you Lee and everyone else who made a difference in people’s lives and provided us with a great place to be us while having a great time as well. Cheers and the best of luck in future endeavors!


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