This video, from host Tucker Carlson, concerning a recent battle between LGBT community members and conservative community members, is one of the best examples I’ve seen of the way that LGBT issues are twisted and misrepresented by not only the people of the community, but the media. A couple of minutes in, Carlson puts up some statistics which he uses to represent the integrity of a speaker on the LGBT side of the issue, but which have absolutely nothing to do with it. He quotes BIAS statistics, while the issue is BULLYING. Then, at a town meeting, a black pastor stands to declare he’s not requiring the school to use certain learning guides to help his daughter avoid being harassed, completely ignoring the fact that children in schools are already learning about black history, and that black Americans are not hidden from the conversation, as LGBT Americans are.

We all know LGBT kids and children of LGBT parents don’t get harassed, right? And certainly they would never get harassed by their own teachers. And of course, WE have the agenda, not THEM. Take a look at the blatant misdirection and manipulation of this issue by the townspeople and Carlson…

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