All About Care / Camp Care Needs Your Help

ImageAll About Care is in severe need of funding, and facing a critical situation if they can’t raise enough money to stay afloat. In the current economy we’re losing lots of businesses, let’s not lose such a vital helping hand to the community as well. All About Care / Camp Care offers support and services to those dealing with HIV/AIDS and their families.

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The following statement is from Cynthia Karraker, who operates All About Care/Camp Care…

"Hello friends of All About Care / Camp Care. All About Care offers daily support to women, children, & families. Due to the quietness of HIV/AIDS many people think their support is no longer needed, but in reality we need them more now than ever. I’m very proud to share that quite often it is our assistance  that makes the difference in the lives of those we serve.

As many of you know, Camp Care is very unique and we offer a life-changing experience to children and their families  whose daily struggles often diminish both their desire to be well & their ability to lead a rich productive life.  We offer a nurturing, loving, fun filled Camp intertwined with programs and education that inspire our children & families to become more self- confident, as well cooperative with their medical care.  There is a strong healing of spirit & lifelong friendships that take place at Camp with both Campers & Volunteers alike." 

Please help us keep this wonderful charity going by donating what you can.  All About Care is specifically seeking monetary donations. Checks should be made out to All About Care. Also welcome are gift cards to department stores and grocery stores such as Walmart, Target and SaveMart, stores which would be useful for a variety of items for families in need. (Gift cards are best around $25 each, for distributing purposes, so if you plan to give $100 in gift cards, please break it down in 4 cards). We appreciate anything you can do to help keep All About Care/Camp Care afloat.

Please visit All About Care’s website by clicking here… All About Care Official Website

Click HERE to make an immediate donation online…

You can contact Cynthia Karraker through the site to arrange a donation. James Hensley, manager of The North Tower Circle Nightclub at 2777 N Maroa in Fresno is also collecting donations to deliver to All About Care.  You can reach James at home at 559-225-1008 or in person at the North Tower Circle (2777 N Maroa – 559-229-4188) Friday – Monday & Wednesdays after 7pm.

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