Another T-Shirt Controversy

Another student t-shirt is creating a controversy and a possible lawsuit, this time in Alabama. Sara Couvillon showed up at school wearing a t-shirt supporting gay sexuality, and the proverbial shit hit the fan.

The Southern Poverty Law Center sent a letter Wednesday to Hoover High School and the city’s board of education threatening a federal lawsuit on behalf of a student prevented from wearing a T-shirt that sparked controversy in school.

The black T-shirt Sara Couvillon wore says ‘gay? fine by me.’


Sara responded to the school asking her to remove the t-shirt, supposedly on the grounds she might be endangered, although she received no threats…

“There are kids at my school who really want to be themselves, but they don’t have the strength they need,” said Couvillon.  “It isn’t easy being singled out, but if I ca ngive someone else the courage to be who they are then it’s worth it to me.”



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