Anti-Equality pastors and churches oppose pride flag raising and zoo night

Pastors, citizens and even our old friends ex-Clovis Mayor / current Fresno County Supervisor Nathan Magsig and Fresno City councilmember Garry Bredefeld were on hand to speak out against their own citizens being treated with equality and fairness.

We, the undersigned Pastors and Churches of Fresno and Clovis, are united together under the name and authority of Jesus Christ. As Ephesians 2:8-9 says, God calls us to share the good news that eternal life is a gift of God offered to anyone who trusts in Jesus Christ.

God also commands us to be salt and light in a world of darkness. Salt was used to preserve food from becoming rotten. Likewise, Christ calls his church to preserve the world from the corruption of sin.

If we fail in this mission, Jesus warns in Matthew 5:13, we are “no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people’s feet.” In Ephesians 9:1 1, Paul urges us to “take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.

We are also grateful American citizens and realize some of our neighbors disagree with our faith. We respect their First Amendment freedoms to do so. But government leaders should not publicly promote an ideology that fundamentally opposes vast numbers of their constituents.

For this reason, we must declare our deep disapproval of our Fresno City Hall being used to publicly endorse the “Pride” flag and create deep division among our citizens.

Furthermore, as representatives of Christian churches across our city, we must vigorously oppose the “prayer” during the flag-raising ceremony, which mischaracterized the God of the Bible as “the queer one” and “the ultimate transgressor.”

We are also deeply concerned with the Fresno Chafee Zoo hosting a “drag queen show” followed by a “meet and greet” where children will be present. Activists should not coopt this publicly-supported community institution to target our kids and expose them to overtly sexual behavior.

Jesus calls us to love all people. We all need God’s mercy and grace, and we must extend that grace to one another.

However, that grace does not come at the expense of truth. We cannot be silent concerning openly dangerous or offensive behaviors. Not speaking is itself speaking; not acting is itself acting.

We call all believers across Fresno and Clovis to a day of prayer and fasting this Friday, June 24. Please join us in seeking God’s face and asking Him to bring revival to our city, state, and

These positions are not political; they are Biblical. We love this community and are grateful to minister here while standing faithful to God and His Word. We are privileged to share the good news about God’s forgiveness and transforming power with every man, woman, and child.

Jim Franklin, Sr. Pastor, Cornerstone Church
Cyndi Franklin, Co-Pastor, Cornerstone Church
Will Stoll, Sr. Pastor, Northwest Church
Paul Binion, Lead Pastor, Westside Church of God
Elias Loera, Sr. Pastor, Family Christian Assembly
Dale Oquist, Lead Pastor, People’s Church
Brad Liebe, Executive Pastor COO, People’s Church
Daniel Suarez, Pastor, Family Christian Assembly
Greg Va Shoua Vang, Pastor, Hmong Methodist Church
Pat Biggs, Pastor, Family Christian Assembly
Cameron Unruh, Sr. Pastor, Clovis Christian Church
Anthony Flores, Sr. Pastor, Adventure Church
Bill Richardson, Board Member, Adventure Church
Nathan Franklin, Associate Pastor, Cornerstone Church
Mike Cook, Executive Pastor, Adventure Church
David Moua, Pastor, Regeneration Church
Deshawn Carraway, Associate Pastor, Adventure Church
Rob Morton, Pastor, Church of Tollhouse Ministry Center
Jymme Foote, Jr, Pastor, Breaking Free Revival Center
Brent Lindquist, PHD Psychologist
Rudy Reyna, Sr. Associate Pastor, Cornerstone Church
Mario L. Espinoza, Maranatha
George Ordway, Executive Director, Valley Communities for Christ
Enrique Avila, Associate Pastor, Clovis Christian Center
Brad Grams, Lead Pastor, Refinery Church
Charlie Avila, Sr. Pastor, Clovis Christian Center
Mark Reyes, Pastor, Family Christian Assembly
Chee Lee, Pastor, Hmong Christian Missionary Alliance Church
Manuel Orozco, Pastor, Family Christian Assembly
Vince Bertoni, Elder, Northwest Church
Samuel Musgrave, Trinity Community Church
Tom Smith, Pastor, Refinery North Campus
Chuck Shillito, Pastor, Trinity Community Church
Cher Cha Yang, Pastor, Hmong Baptist Church
Andrei Sava, Pastor, Trinity Community Church
Richard Amparano, Pastor, Pinedale Community Fellowship
Steve Kuehter, Elder, Northwest Church
Vikki Luna, Founder & CEO, Light-House Recovery Program
Shawn Beaty, Sr. Pastor, Clovis Hills Community Church
Debra DeJuarez, Pastor/Director of Feeding Fresno, Comerstone Church
Dan Zemlicka, Sr. Pastor, Clovis First
Scott Borman, Lead Pastor, New Covenant Church
Dr. Jim Cecy, Sr. Pastor, Campus Bible
Kevin Foster, Lead Pastor, Lifebridge Community Church
Rob Hutton, Associate Pastor, The Word Community Church
Alan Huerta, Campus Pastor, Refinery Church
Matt Balocca, Elder, Grace Presbyterian
Jim Rossi, Missionary, Assemblies of God
Dennis McCourt, Evangelist and Founder, Got Hope Inc.
Glenn C. Prine, Lead Pastor, North Assembly of God
Jonathan Keller, California Family Council
Brian Cain, Pastor, Grace Place
Anastasia Nelson, Director of Women’s Ministry, Central Cal Fellowship Christian Athletes
Kevin Moua, Pastor, Lao Evangelical Church
Cheng Zong Her, Pastor, New Life Christian Church
JR Coleman, Bishop, The Word Community Church
Ron Nelson, Multi Area Director, Central Cal Fellowship Christian Athletes
Gilbert Montelongo, Sr. Pastor, Tabernacle of Praise Christian Center
Rt. Rev. Eric V. Menees, Bishop, Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin
Rev. Noah Lawson, Rector, Emmanuel Anglican Church
Stephen Michael Burton, Board Member, Action Community Church
Sunda Newson, Minister, Westside Church of God
Chris and Shinoba Pennywell, Ministers, Westside Church of God
Jose Lattu, Pastor, Bethel Christian Center of Fresno
Arthur J. Nunez, Pastor, Covenant Worship Center

This is the list of Pastors and Churches as of printing time. Several other Pastors indicated their desire to sign but were unable to meet the time restraints.


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