Becki Jones’ mom writes an article

Hey there it’s Becki, my mom, Marti, wrote an article for us here at
It is the nicest thing she has ever done or said to me and I wanted to share it with everyone……..

                                          My Daughter Becki Is Gay

                                          by Marti Houser
          Hi my Name is Marti Houser, I live in Payette, Idaho. My daughter is Becki Jones. She writes articles for Oh yeah, and she is Gay. Sometimes I forget to say that, but its not out of embarrassment,Its out of being a mother. I don’t say “this is my son Robert and he sleeps with girls" either. What people do with their personal life is their business. Thats why its called "personal".I am not ashamed of my daughters lifestyle, or her choice in a life partner. I am very proud of Becki and the things she has accomplished with her life. As a mother one of the things we wish for our children is that they  find someone who will make they life complete.

        When Becki first "came out" it was harder for her to tell me, then it was for me to hear it. I had to guess. When I asked if she was Gay, she squealed  "YES" about 4 times. The only thing that came to mind at that moment was "My List" 1. No blacks ( sorry was prejudiced at the time)

               2. No one over 18 years of age

               3.No grab ass in front of me

               4.if they hurt her in any  way they would Answer to me.

  Thinking about it now, thats the same rules i gave her when she came of age to date boys.

      As far as these Anti-Gay Rallies. Come on People get a Life. You wanna Preach the Bible. The Bible says “Judge not unless ye be Judged”. Have you looked in your closet lately?

     You just can’t pick which verses fits your agenda. If your gonna use the Bible as your Defense then use the whole Bible not just what benefits you at the time. Honestly for you that are Quoting the verses" to dam the Gay society", are committing a larger sin. Your twisting Gods words to bring acknowledgment and attention to yourselves.

               If there were anything I could go back and change about my daughters life. It would be that I could take away all the sadness and pain she indured through the early years brought on by someone who"thought they were better than"and take away the sadness and pain brought on by the"Self rightious" today
  Becki I love you, and I am very proud of you. Just be yourself, follow your convictions, and be happy.


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