Board of Supervisors proceed with book ban process

At the Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting today, four of five supervisors voted to approve the bylaws for the “Community Parent and Guardian Review Committee” and approved the application period to occur from March 19, 2024, through April 26, 2024, and directed staff to post vacancies and authorize staff to accept applications; authorize staff to continue accepting applications after the April 26, 2024 deadline to be kept on file in the event vacancies occur. Brian Pacheco was the lone vote in opposition.

The stated intent of the Community Parent and Guardian Review Committee is to “ensure that no Fresno County Library or other County facility allows ready access of books to minors that contain age-inappropriate content”.

Eleven members of the public are now being sought to comprise this committee’s board. We highly encourage the community to apply, so that the committee can be made up of voices that truly represent the citizens of Fresno County.

Jennifer Chou of ACLU Northern California addressed the board during public comment, with questions about implementation. Board chair, Nathan Magsig closed public comment and no discussion occurred from any board members.


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