Bulldog Pride Fund presents $10,000 to the 2012-13 Bulldog Pride Fund Scholars

The Bulldog Pride Fund at Fresno State presented $10,000 equally to the 2012-13 Bulldog Pride Fund Scholars on Fri. Sept. 28th at the Smittcamp Alumni House at a reception attended by nearly 40 donors, guests and family members.


Attendees were welcomed by Jared Lindo (2009), the inaugural Bulldog Pride Fund scholar and master of ceremonies. He thanked the donors for their support and shared his personal benefits of receiving the first-ever Bulldog Pride Fund scholarship in 2006.

Lindo introduced Peter Robertson, founder of the Bulldog Pride Fund. He thanked the donors and presented small, Bulldog trophies some of them. He also announced that total donations to the Bulldog Pride Fund had surpassed $234,000!

Later in the program, each scholar was introduced, presented a small Bulldog trophy with the Latin inscription “Bonus intra, melior exi,” which translates to English as “Enter good, exit better,” and gave a short statement of thanks to all of the guests in attendance:

Dausha Calhoun – a junior from Riverside studying nursing said “I am honored to be selected a Bulldog Pride Fund scholar and to be given the opportunity to continue my studies at Fresno State.”

Justin Kamimoto – stated “I am blessed to be selected a Bulldog Pride Fund scholar for a second year and am grateful for the financial assistance.” He is a sophomore from Clovis majoring in business.

Leonel Barajas – a senior from Madera majoring in mass communication and journalism, said “Thank you to everyone involved in supporting the Bulldog Pride Fund who has seen me grow as a person and student these past four years.”

Michelle Swift – stated “The Bulldog Pride Fund’s support is essential to me completing my education at Fresno State.” She is a senior from Burney studying recreation administration.

TimeOut –a junior from Fresno majoring in kinesiology, whose identity is kept a secret until graduation and is unable to speak, thanked everyone with a “GO DOGS” sign made of cut-out bones that said G-ood-hearted and O-riginal, with D-etermined, O-utstanding, G-ood natured, and S-tudent.

Later that same evening, the scholars were recognized a second time at the Top Dog Alumni Awards Gala held at the Save Mart Center. There, each scholar received their $2,000 scholarship.

In 2006, the Bulldog Pride Fund was established with one simple mission: “To support student scholarships at Fresno State.” To-date, it has provided 23 scholarships valued at $39,000. Made possible by more than 400 donors and friends. Thank you for your continued support of the Bulldog Pride Fund.



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