Businesses Hit By Prop 8

ImageIn June it was estimated that legal same sex marriage would add 63 million to the state’s economy. With Prop 8 passed, however, California businesses are already seeing the economic results. The New York Times summarizes in the following article.

“Even as opponents of the measure officially conceded defeat on Thursday, California business owners — particularly those in the marriage business — were trying to determine how many wedding cakes would now go unsold and how many tuxedos unrented.

Arturo Cobos, a manager at Kard Zone in the city’s traditionally gay Castro neighborhood, said he had done “big sales” of same-sex wedding cards and other trinkets since marriages began in June, but had recently stopped stocking new goods.

“We were afraid that they would pass Proposition 8,” Mr. Cobos said, “and that’s exactly what happened.”

Read the full article by clicking on the following link…Demise Of Same Sex Weddings Disheartens Businesses


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