CA’s Fair Education Act: Update

Last Friday I mentioned the Fair Education Act, a law that would require the roles and contributions of LGBT people to be added to History and Social studies curriculum.

The bill has made it past the state assembly and is now waiting the signature of Governor Jerry Brown.

Supporters of the bill, that landed on our Governor’s desk on Tuesday, say that not only will it make things better in terms of education, but that it might actually make schools a safer place for students. EQCA spokesperson, Mario Guerro points out that kids already hear the terms “gay” “lesbian” “bisexual” and “transgendered” but they are usually used as insults. If the terms could be placed in a context of positivity, that might go far in terms of building acceptance.

The Governor has two weeks to sign the bill into law and despite loud cries from the opposition, many at the Capitol feel he will indeed sign it.


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