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ENDA Bill Faces Challenge

The origins of the Employment Non Discrimination Act, a bill which would protect LGBT Americans from discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation, go back more than 30 years. New ENDA bills are currently moving through Congress, and with an LGBT community far more visible and vocal, along with a Democratic majority in Congress, […]

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San Diego Mayor Stands Up

The San Diego City Council recently voted 5-3 to join other California cities in supporting an overturning of the state’s ban on same sex marriage, a matter currently pending in the state Supreme Court. The case resulted from court decisions to invalidate marriage licenses issued in 2004 in San Francisco with the approval of  Mayor

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Stall Stories

Watching Republicans must be what it feels like when the first stages of insanity start to set in. You realize you’re still in the same world, your feet are on the ground, yet things don’t make sense like they used to. Other Americans see the same things which astound you, yet they’re not only comfortable

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Words Will Never Hurt Me

I suspect most of us recall the rhyme, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”. Like much of what we’re force fed as children, Americans abandon the message in favor of political and social control. Other lessons are equally false, such as “all people are created equal” and “let

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STAND UP for Marriage Equality

STAND UP with us on February 14th! On Wednesday, February 14th, Marriage Equality USA will host the 3rd Annual Marriage Equality Demonstration in downtown Fresno at the County Clerk’s Office. This action will involve same sex couples, along with allies and supporters, gathering at the County Clerk’s office to request marriage licenses.   Under current

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Olberman Almighty

Keith Olberman, over at MSNBC, is a true American. He chooses, regardless of public sentiment, to instigate controversial political dialogue.  Most importantly, he isn’t a partisan thinker, he operates from facts and presents them as evidence in order to call to task the management of this country by an inept administration. True Americans, usually not

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