Help Stop The “Protect Marriage” Initiative

Image Get involved in order to battle the current movement to forever bar the LGBT community from achieving marriage equality by amending the California State constitution.


We all work hard to treat others fairly because each of us deserves the same. Be careful if asked to sign an initiative petition to “protect marriage” – it’s really an effort to give government more say in our private lives. This petition is actually about amending the state constitution to exclude gay and lesbian couples from ever marrying in California.

Help stop this unfair initiative. Please do not sign the “marriage” petition.
Every Californian deserves fairness under the law. Our government should not be in the business of telling people who they can or cannot marry.

Support fairness. Please don’t sign the petition
Call 612-718-0770 or 202-841-0291 for questions or to get involved in Fresno.
Two people in a committed, loving, trusted relationship deserved the honor and support that comes with marriage. The Equality for All campaign is a large and diverse coalition of civil rights, faith, choice, labor and community of color organizations working to stop and defeat any ballot measure that would deny gay and lesbian couples the right to marry in California.
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