Cathy DeBuono – What’s Your Problem? (Episode #9)

Image In episode 9, "What Happened to Gloria!?!", Marnie Alton and I talk about how we met auditioning for "Exe’s & Oh’s", what it was like for Marnie to have her first girl kiss and how she was introduced to homosexuality while growing up. We also take on Afterellen viewer letters dealing with issues of that straight best girl friend who is either homophobic or wants to cross that line….Among other things, join us for the fun and games of Marnie’s first paid gig, our childhood crushes and the battle of Canadians vs. Americans…. it’s hard to tell who won though….ENJOY! Cathy

PS – Do tune in to my myspace page to see a "Cutting Room Floor" edition of this episode….  I won’t tell you what, but there was some footage we couldn’t legally post on Afterellen….  (It’ll be up on my myspace page by tonight or tomorrow morning.)


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