Censorship Wins Another Round

Censorship continues to take hold…


In Canada, the broadcast standards council has ruled that Dire Straits’ 1985 hit “Money for Nothing” cannot be played on the radio unless it is played only as a censored version, leaving out the word “faggot”. This decision was reached after a single caller to a radio station complained about the word they find offensive.

Does it matter that the word was used by Dire Straits in a sarcastic manner, not as a slur? Apparently not. It’s another example of the line of sanity and insanity being crossed.

The council said it realized Dire Straits used the word sarcastically when the best-selling “Brothers in Arms” album was released in 1985, but said it was inappropriate.

The reasoning is that faggot is part of the latest surge in gay bashing and school bullying that has resulted in teen suicides. Of course, those instances were when actual people around the teens used the words as hate speech while in their presence, but I digress…

This comes after the ludicrous outrage displayed by GLAAD late last year after the pro-LGBT series GLEE used the word tranny in an episode featuring a production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The article, by the way, never prints the word faggot, because, you know, that would be hate speech…

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