Clovis City Councilmember tells parents to avoid library

Might want to wait until June is over to take your kids to the Clovis Public Library. FYI, the Clovis City Council has no direct control over this…these are Fresno County Libraries.

Diane Pearce – Clovis City Councilmember

In addition to the posting about the pride display at the Clovis Library, Diane Pearce has posted hateful messages about transgender teenaged athletes who were scheduled to compete at Buchanan earlier this year and also has rallied against having the pride flag flown on any City of Clovis properties.

1. Attend and speak at the Clovis City Council Meeting July 10th at 6pm at 1033 Fifth Street, Clovis, CA 93612
2. Leave a statement to be read at the meeting via online form or by calling 559-324-2060.
3. Email the City Council: Diane Pearce, Drew Bessinger, Matt Basgall, Vong Mouanoutoua, Mayor Lynn Ashbeck.
4. Leave a comment on her facebook post.

Not to be outdone, Fresno City Councilmember Garry Bredefeld decided to one up:


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