CVPPAC Redefines Progressivism

The Central Valley Progressive Political Action Committee (CVPPAC) has released its list of endorsements for the June 3, 2008 Primary election and in the process has redefined the term progressive.

Following on the heels of its 2006 endorsement of Margaret Mims for Fresno County Sheriff, the CVPPAC continues to break ground towards constructing a new model for progressivism in the San Joaquin Valley.

Mims, the darling of the local Democratic Party, soon after her progressive endorsement began to reveal her true nature with support for unjust legislation and ideological alignment with the likes of Mike Reynolds (Three Strikes), Jerry Duncan (Dirty Bomb), and Jerry Dyer (Occupying Force).

The CVPPAC’s endorsements for 2008 include Nathan Magsig, a Christian Fundamentalist who "strongly believes that America’s traditional values must be preserved" and who supports a bigoted agenda to maintain second-class status for gay and lesbian people.

Though labeled as progressive by the CVPPAC, Magsig’s political views are hardly progressive. Magsig "strongly supports incarcerating youth gang members as adults, and he is a supporter of the death penalty." He wants to "immediately build more highway lane miles" and "rewrite the Endangered Species Act."

The Central Valley Progressive Political Action Committee’s endorsement of Nathan Magsig – along with some other questionable endorsements – raises a serious question. "Are you folks nuts?"


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