Discrimination Initiatives to Hit California Hard

Thanks to Randy Thomason of CCF and the Knight Camp, there are 3 initiatives hitting California residents persuading them to write discrimination in to our Constitution……

             Well folks here we go, thanks to 2 separate entities: Campaign for Children and Families and the Knight Camp are pursuing constitutional bans of “same sex” marriage and striping the rights of domestic partners all across California. If you are registered domestic partners or plan to be, if you have any hope for marriage for yourself or your same sex friends and families…. THIS AFFECTS YOU!
Now these initiatives are designed to “protect marriage”.  Protecting it from what, I am still unclear how marriage needs to be protected from 2 people validating their relationships in the eyes of the law.  I know these right wing conservative Christians feel as though they are “doing God’s work” but who gets to decide what God wants? There are many, many churches that are now becoming open and affirming churches. They are endorsing “gay marriage’ how do we know they are the ones really doing God’s work?
Personally, I chose to think that God loves everyone and embraces those who are capable of unconditional love to their partners, regardless of gender.
            The LGBTQ community has a bill itself. It is a proposed amendment to the constitution that makes marriage gender neutral. Non gender specific marriage. Now that sounds as though it will reach all citizens,  non discriminatory. The initiatives brought on by Randy Thomason and the Knight Camp have discrimination written right into them.  Bill Lockyer summed up Randy Thomason and the CCF initiative as: “ MARRIAGE. ELIMINATION OF DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP RIGHTS”. Black and white there you have it. It is to “protect marriage between man and woman only and to strip all rights that may “mirror” marriage rights from all registered domestic partners and those of the future.  The other initiative  “Voters Right to Protect Marriage Initiative” is the same thing, only with a fancier name.
            Luckily, the CCF and the Knight Camp have not joined forces, seems they have their own disagreements when it comes to openly discriminating against the gay community, our friends, and our family. These initiatives have been released to the people. What that means is that they’ll be all over the state collecting about 600,000 signatures to get on the ballot for next year. 2006, it is right around the corner. When you are out and about shopping or just hanging around town, if you see a petitioner, make sure you read what you are signing. They will be sure to sugar coat their initiatives, to sucker unsuspecting constituents into signing. 600,000 sounds like a lot, however, it is attainable.
            If you are not a member of Equality California, I urge you to join at www.eqca.org we can win this fight for marriage equality if we all stand firm together.  I’ve heard this a million times, and it is relevant here….UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. That pertains to all of us in the LGBTQ community, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers, family, everyone. We need to get out and educate everyone we know. These initiatives will change the freedom of Californian’s forever. WE need to show our support.  We need to not take this sitting down. As a whole California has one of the largest LGBTQ communities, we need to get everyone registered to vote, get them educated on what we are voting for and against and we need to spread the word.
For more information on how you can help make a change please go to www.eqca.org and see what is really going on in our state. Join us, help fight discrimination in your own front yard.

                                                                               Becki Jones
                                                                        [email protected]


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