Ellen: The New Face of CoverGirl

ImageCongratulations to Ellen Degeneres, not only for being just married, but also for landing a new deal with CoverGirl. She will be the face of the new make-up line for this brand-name cosmetic corporation. It has been reported that CoverGirl will be dishing out over $1 million for Ellen to use her smiling face to market their new line.
Ellen will be joining famous CoverGirls like Christie Brinkley, Faith Hill, Queen Latifah, Rihanna, and Drew Barrymore. It is very awesome that Ellen, an out lesbian, will be the face of a major company like CoverGirl. This perfect-skinned woman had really been a fantastic model for women and girls as a famous out lesbian in the media. She has really paved the way towards acceptance, not just in celeb-world, but from everyone. Again, Congrats to this easy, breezy, LezzyGirl!




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