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ImageThe Zoo Keeper   A Novel   Author Alex MacLennan


Review by Leon Velasco   Rating:  Thumbs way up

This story has you go through the life of a Zoo Keeper; it’s not as dull or boring as you may think when it comes to a gay Zoo Keeper. There are many things that entangle to the many problems that surround, and involve us. It was a very touching piece. I thought it to be grounded.

You go through the many obstacles that plague not only the main character but the lives of those around him, his friends, and family. Don’t presume to think you know how it’s going to end because it surprised me. This is the author’s first novel and it was wonderfully written.

Sam Metcalf has it all. Well, that’s not exactly true. He’s got a great job at the local DC zoo, but he can’t seem to realize his goals. He’s got amazing friends and family, including the troubled Lauren, but they seem to be running off in every direction but home. He’s even found himself a brand new boyfriend, the apparently perfect dean, except there seem to be cracks in the very foundation of their relationship.

Now, opportunity is coming Sam’s way. He has a chance to finally discover not only his true calling, but his true self. Will the zoo that is his life allow him freedom to chase after his long-desired dreams?

“Warm and intelligent, funny and affecting. A wonderful debut.” –  Richard McCann, author of Mother of Sorrows

“Funny, heartfelt, and true to life. MacLennan’s observations of daily life seem as natural as breathing.” – Andrew Holleran, author of the Beauty of Men 


This time folk’s you get a rare treat, two movie reviews for one page. These movies were given to the group for reviewing.

Vapid Shallow Models Must Die


Director Michael Haboush 85 min. run time

Review by Leon Velasco

This movie was clearly made with a low budget, (like 20.00,) it showed by the actors, setting, and storyline. The actors would leave long spaces many times between dialogue, and at times seemed ad libbed to cover up the fact they forgot their lines.

The “Killer” was supposed to be passed off as being fat with a deep gruff voice. To compensate for adding weight to thin killer they used distorted piece of metal. It’s too cheesy, (can somebody pass me some crackers for all this cheese?).I actually fell asleep to this one since I couldn’t find anyone to gouge my eyes out with my stilettos. This goes right up there with, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

Beastly Boyz


Author David Decoteau 75 min. run time

This movie was one with a plot of revenge. It was aimed for more a soft core porn. Not to ruin it for you but it took close to 10 minutes for a twink to make out with and rub a knife all over his chest and crotch. I actually thought he was going to shove it up his as the way he was going.

With a cast of young studs with gym developed bodies each one is a definite hottie. Impeccable chest, and ab definition. The feature seems to be a gay man’s delight that is into body worship.

For the 75 minutes of run time most of it deals with the killer taunting his victims. There was also a chase seen that ran so long, had I been the camera man, I’d gotten bored and fallen asleep.

 To make matters worse, no dialogue what-so-ever.

My ratings for both of these, “Be afraid, be very afraid.” These movies will kill you yes, but from boredom.



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