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ImageGet Real  Rated R / Directed by: Simon Shore / Starring: Ben Silverstone, Brad Gorton Charlotte Brittain / Review by: Leon Velasco / Thumbs Up

 I can never get tired of watching this story. I often think back at when I was a teenager trying to keep things in secrecy and trying to experience my ‘true’ feelings at the same time. I am pretty sure that the girls had the same problems and worries as us guys and even fearful of being teased and taunted by schoolmates. Had this movie been out when I was a teen and I had watched it, I may have not have had a hard time trying to fit in and be myself and keep my inner feelings bottled up. Had the guys been in my high school when I was there I would have fallen for both of them just for their foreign English accents. That and being good looking with almond shaped eyes with blonde hair and blues eyes….Damn, I think I wet myself.


Boy meets boy. Boy likes boy. Boy, oh, boy.

School’s out. So is Steven Carter.

There’s no time quite as awkward as adolescence. Between the sky-high expectations of parents, the constant scrutiny of peers, and one’s own raging hormones, something’s got to give. And if, like Steven Carter, you also happen to be gay, navigating your way through adolescence can be like hiking through a mine field! Ben Silverstone (Adrian Lyne’s Lolita) stars as Steven Carter in this charming and compelling comedy that drew raves at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. A cinematic valentine about coming of age and coming to terms with who you are, Get Real “shouldn’t be missed. It mingles laughter and tears, and like its hero, is determined to make love soar above everything,” (Richard Rayner, Harper’s Bazaar).

“MARVELOUS.”—David Ansen, Newsweek

“TERRIFIC”—Hannah Brown, New York Post

Image The Sluts

Author: Dennis Cooper / Review by: Leon Velasco / Thumbs up

This book had more drama and gossip than a bar full of queens and conceded people at the bars, (you know who you are). This book had me by the balls per se. I couldn’t put it down; every page was a new twist or turn and never what you though was going to happen did. Dennis has a great imagination and very good control of keeping his story straight about each entry of so many people involved. Whether there is or isn’t a web site used to get this story together it sure seems real to me. This isn’t your regular who Dunn it mystery, it has much more to offer. You get a series of mixed feelings for most of the characters but mainly for the main character talked about.

Dennis Cooper, an original master of dangerous gay fiction, Dennis Cooper explores the dark side of internet porn in this page-turning shocker that is erotic, funny and disturbing all at once.

Only on the web would there be a place where the performance of gay male escorts can be reviewed by their clients. And the escort drawing raves from all the men on this particular chat board is named Brad. Brad is a blonde twink that all the men want to try. But a man named Brian has a particular reason for renting out Brad. One of the clients on the site may or may not be a serial killer…and it appears there is big money to be made from the violent and horrific world of underground gay snuff films…But is it all one big urban legend?

Dennis Cooper is the author of the novels closure; Frisk, Try, Guide, Period, My Loose Thread, and God, Jr., among others. He lives in
Los Angeles. Visit him at www.denniscooper.net



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