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The tragedy in the story about Eric James Borges life is not how he died.  It is that he died for love at the hands so called Christians with their inflated egos and mangled moral virtues.   The same people who would have stoned Jesus Christ if he lived today.  These same Christians are shaken to the core when they realize that if Jesus lived today he would be a flaming liberal.

Jesus lived his life being an example of love.  He cared for the widows, fed the hungry, healed the ill and gave hope to the outcast.  And that is why I know that Eric James Borges was more of a Christian than those that cast him aside in the name of Christ.

That he was able to live his life according to the one commandment which Jesus gave us, LOVE, is remarkable given the horrible image of Christ he was exposed to.

This was Eric’s message:

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It is blasphemy that because of whom Eric loved he was outcast, tortured and shunned all in the name of Christ.  Christ never shamed, shunned or outcast a single person.  God is love, and God was in Eric because Eric loved. That his own family did not recognize Christ’s love in him is shameful.

I too grew up in a conservative Christian home, surrounded by dogmatic Christians. To say I was a troubled teen is putting it mildly.  I am alive not by my own strength of character; I attempted suicide in just about every imaginable way.  I am alive because of God’s grace and my mother’s love.

After having ran away from home a counselors told my mother, your son is gay what would you like to do next?   She said to her what do you mean?! I want to take him home with me of course he is my son. A few days later my mother said to me I may not understand everything but one thing I know is that you are my son and it is my duty to love you.  Her deep desire to love regardless of what society told her is a example of true  Christian moral code.

Homosexuality is about LOVE, about finding kinship, about feeling connected to another in a way that is deep and unique between the two.  There is nothing unique about homosexuality, it is the primal human desire to love and to feel loved that drives homosexuals to passionately defend their identity.  And that is what fueled Eric James Borges.

He worked tirelessly trying to help others in pain to see that there was hope and that love was around them.

Toward the end of his “it gets better” video he says: you will fall in love, fall out of love and have your heart broken.  That is all he wanted that is all gay people want; to live love in its full expression, without fear of being persecuted, rejected or shamed. He just wanted to Love.

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