Fresno LGBTQ Social Event Night at Boomers

Review by Leon Velasco

April 11, 2008 was a night of fun for everyone who showed up. To our surprise and advantage Boomers was celebrating their anniversary and had a special rate for unlimited rides for $10.00 cards.

Participants included; Jason, R.J., Justin, Adrian, Shannon, Korina, and myself. Since I was going stag and the fact that it was going to be my first time to meet anyone from the group, I was wondering how I was going to find the group. I had called one of the members, Jason and “Viola” he was standing right behind me. He introduced me to the other members and two new members being Shannon and Korina who were experiencing their first event just like I was.

We had all decided to try out the Miniature Golf. We had parted into two groups all the guys that could fit to one card was one group and the girls and I was the other. Don’t ask who won because we all kept forgetting to keep count. I think at a few times I added strokes. I was too busy checking out the other guys and seeing how much fun they were having. The girls and I had much fun as well as we played we got to know each other a little better.

Hey Shannon and Korina, hows about a re-match?

When the game was done, we split up. Girls went in to play games, while us guys went to Bumper Boats. (I didn’t get to go in because the boats were all taken, DAMN!) R.J. and I stayed out and took pics of the guys and I took one of R.J. (Smile for the Birdie!) They were soaked from head to toe. OO! Wet T-shirt contest!!!!!!

Laser tag was next on the list. We stood in line for over twenty minutes only to be told it was broken down. Bummer!

It was after 9 pm and some of the guys were gone and because I had a prior engagement early the next morning I had decided to call it a night.

To Jason, R.J., Justin, Adrian, Shannon and Korina, thank you for a fun time. I really enjoyed all of your company. I hope to see you all again at the next social event for May. Keep me posted, I’ll be there with bells on.






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