Fresno Reel Pride 2011 Film Festival

The 22nd Fresno Reel Pride Film Festival is less than a month away. This year, the film festival runs from Wednesday, September 14th through Sunday, September 18th.


Reel Pride is the sixth oldest gay and lesbian film festival in America. Presented in the landmark historic Art Deco Tower Theatre and the intimate Starline Lounge in Fresno’s historic Tower District, Reel Pride has matured into one of Central California’s largest cultural events. Each year with five days and over fifty films, the  film festival presents movies that can’t be found in your local multiplex and appearances by filmmakers and stars, signature events, receptions and parties.

It’s Central California’s most popular gay and lesbian event: Five days of films for everyone to enjoy… a premiere cultural event in central California attracting thousands of attendees to its five-day festival of international features, documentaries, and short films.

After looking over the films to be offered this year, I can honestly say that you’ll find it difficult to remember a year in Fresno Reel Pride history that will compare to the roster of films on tap for this year. It’s a varied and well chosen festival of entertainment.

The Reel Pride Film Festival for 2011 includes…


“Dirty Girl”

When the local bad girl gets paired with a lonely gay boy, sparks fly, wheels spin, and the good times roll!



HIV/AIDS Documentary “We Were Here”

WE WERE HERE documents what was called the “Gay Plague” as it hit San Francisco in the early 1980s.



“Finding Identity” Youth Shorts Program

The kids are all right in this inspiring collection of short films showcasing the everyday issues and triumphs tackled by LGBT youth around the world.

Women’s Centerpiece “Hannah & The Hasbian”

Hannah gave up everything to be with Breigh: her family, her religion, and men. But now Breigh’s decided she wants to go straight – as in hetero – and Hannah’s left wondering: WTF?


Lukas is a young transgender man who moves to Cologne to study and work in the big city.



“Leave It On The Floor”

Get ready to get down with this modern mix of PARIS IS BURNING and RENT.


“This Is What Love In Action Looks Like”

Closeted 16 year-old teen Zach Stark’s worst fears came true in 2005, when his parents sent him to a camp run by the ex-gay Christian reform group ‘Love In Action’ against his will.


Men’s Centerpiece “Going Down In LA LA Land”

Attractive young gay man moves to L.A. seeking his big break in showbiz, while living with his best friend, a straight woman who spends her time shopping and chasing men


“Gun Hill Road”

When Enrique returns home to Gun Hill Road after a three year prison sentence, he finds his family transformed.




Atafeh and Shireen are best friends and rebellious teenage girls exploring Tehran’s underground art and music scene and their own burgeoning sexuality—including their feelings for one another.


Please visit the Fresno Reel Pride Website for all the details on this year’s monumental event.

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