Fresno’s Marriage Equality Action – Tuesday

If you, like me, were thrilled with the outcome from the ninth circuit court on Tuesday, you’ll want to read on…

Although the courts ruled in our favor, again, we don’t have marriage equality in California. The court issued a stay on performing marriages. That makes this year’s Marriage Equality action even MORE important.

STAND UP – BE SEEN – Let them know Marriage Equality Matters!

Tuesday, Feb 14th (Valentine’s Day) 1PM – 2PM

Unmarried same-sex couples, married same-sex couples and all who support them are invited to attend this important annual event!

NEW THIS YEAR! Get Equal is working on a non-violent civil disobedience action along with this event. If you want to take part, please email ca-fresno @ and we’ll get you all the details to stand up and take even MORE action!

We’ll meet at the Fresno County Clerk’s office at 1pm and unmarried same-sex couples will ask for marriage licenses. The media will be present to document their experience as they are denied the fundamental right to marry. Supporters will cheer on those who want to marry! Also, some time will be set aside to view a photo presentation of couples who married in 2008 and to hold signs for the cause.

We especially NEED married LGBTQI couples, our allies and supporters to cheer on their friends and take a stand on this important issue are DEFINITELY ENCOURAGED TO COME!

Please help us spread the word about this event on Facebook and Twitter. Please also send text messages to your friends to let them know!

Your attendance is greatly needed to show this issue is still important to our community.

If you want a text reminder the day prior, please send “Fresno” to 559-862-4559

ca-fresno @ marriageequality .org


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