Gay Wedding Fatigue? Suck It Up.

gaywedding-11Gay weddings are a very good thing. I plan them for a living. So when I read this weekend’s New York Times story on gay wedding fatigue, I was naturally annoyed.

I get it, but just a little bit. Weddings can be expensive and annoying for guests… but you see, when the rights of a minority group are withheld, of course there’s going to be pent-up demand and a subsequent surge when rights are granted.

I would hardly call this a bad thing. None of the “fatigued” mentioned in the article indicated they’d been to more than a dozen gay weddings even in the past year. The author has been to six gay weddings with two more coming up — so eight in two years. Not a big deal in my opinion. We’ve all been to loads of straight weddings over the years. Suck it up — or don’t. You don’t have to go! We all have busy Saturday nights… This is a good problem to have.

The author did give some humorous examples of some of the antics of gay weddings. I happen to love the way the dance floor inevitably gets packed during “Dancing Queen” and I, too, may have rolled my eyes at “Love Will Build a Bridge” but the fact remains, that these weddings are incredibly emotional and joyous.

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