Gays in the Military

        Gays in the military????? NO! Many ask the big question "why not?" Why can’t an openly gay person suit up and protect our country? Suit up and help spread democracy and liberty to the supposed nations who "need" our military force on their soil?
        Personally, I am against the "struggle" in Iraq. However, the ban of open gays, the "don’t ask don’t tell" seems ludicrous to me. The military should be open to all American citizens who want to join. Sexual orientation should not be a factor. Why is it? I still
don’t understand. Do they believe the stereotypical gay man with his feminine mannerisms is incapable of serving his country? Do they believe the stereotypical lesbian will just implode in the face of danger? Or is it because the heterosexual men and women are so intolerable of gays they could not work hand in hand?
        The desire to protect and serve our country should be good enough for any would be soldier. But no, we are still divided by orientation. What would happen if there were a draft? Instead of fleeing to Canada to avoid the draft, draftees could just claim to be gay and stay home.
        The discrimination in this country needs to be stopped, at all levels. Our country is in crisis and sexual orientation needs to quit dividing our nation no matter what the case.
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