Global Pride 2007

Pride for 2007 has officially kicked off…and we’ll keep you posted on all the news, from local to international…For information regarding Fresno’s Gay Pride Parade & Festival visit Fresno Rainbow Pride…For information regarding Pride events in America and around the globe, check out Interpride…or GAY.COM’S  Global Pride Page…Read on for the latest Pride news and video…


July 4th UPDATE

Darren Hayes Performing At London Pride

Paris Pride

Europride Parade Madrid

Mexico Pride 1

Mexico Pride 2

London Pride

London Pride 2

New York Pride

New York Pride 2 

June 30, 2007 UPDATE

Sacramento Pride

Rome Pride

Jerusalem Pride

June 28th 2007 UPDATE

San Francisco Pride 1

San Francisco Pride 2

San Francisco Pride 3

DC Cowboy Line Dancing

Berlin Gay Pride

Toronto claims the largest gay pride event in North America, with estimates of a million people in attendance…

Toronto Pride (Extended)(this one clocks in at about 23 minutes with clips of Martha Wash and Lady Bunny)

Indigo Girls at Toronto Pride

Toronto Pride 2

Toronto Pride 3

Toronto Pride 4


June 25th 2007 UPDATE

Latest Pride Clips June 25, 2007

Memphis Black Pride

Atlanta Gay Pride

Chicago Gay Pride

Chicago Pride Cheerleaders

St Louis Pride

Colorado Pride

Seattle Gay Pride

Houston Gay Pride

Portland Pride Performance & Parade

Ultra Nate Performing at NYC Pride

NYC Pride 1

June 20th 2007 Update 

A classic always good for a laugh, check out how the Simpsons deal with the Gay Pride Parade…  Simpsons Pride Parade

Here are some clips I found from the True Colors Pride Tour… 

(Rosie, Margaret & Cyndi)  True Colors Tour Clip 1

(Slide Show) True Colors Tour Clip 2

(Erasure – A Little Respect)  True Colors Tour Clip 3

(Cyndi Lauper – Money Changes Everything) True Colors Tour Clip 4

June 19th 2007 Update:

Latest Pride Clips:

Clips from Pride in Rome:  Pride Rome Clip 1    Pride In Rome 2

Clips from Pride in Portland:  Portland Pride 1  Portland Pride 2

Here’s a clip from a gay color guard known as the Philiadelphia Flaggots

Other clips:

Saskatoon Pride

Providence Eagle in Rhode Island

Previous Updates:

More than 5,000 people turned up for Warsaw’s first legally sanctioned Pride…here’s a video of Long Beach Pride which took place on May 20th, 2007, where the entertainment included Jennifer Hudson, or watch the Long Beach festivities from the perspective of Jasmyne & Marquita…Here’s a slide show with video of the event…

Brussels has also already had their gay pride

Moscow’s Gay Pride was surrounded by controversy, being banned by the government, then embroiled in a media storm of statements , including the voices of the international singing group TATU.  railing against each other. Finally, on May 27th gay people took to the streets anyway, along with a presence of the Nonviolent Radical Party , on what was the 14th anniversary of the  decriminalization of homosexuality, although the Mayor of Moscow now describes homosexuality as “satanic. There was plenty of anti-gay presence as well, on a day that ended up in outbreaks of violence , including the bashing of the singing group Right Said Fred…

Here’s a short clip of the very first gay pride march in NYC, a year after the Stonewall Riots that started the gay rights movement…and here’s a clip of Gay Pride in Birmingham, which took place on May 27th…and Gran Canaria Gay Pride brought everything out this year the same weekend…

Gay Pride in Tel Aviv…check out some of the action on the streets…or check out what was happening on the outdoor dance floor…Here’s legendary DJ Tony Moran kicking off Sao Paulo Pride on June 8th…here’s a clip from Salt Lake City Pride…as well as an outdoor concert afterwards featuring En Vogue doing a disco medley…here’s a clip from Naked News asking people what they’re most proud of…or how about a sexy compilation Pride video, with just enough humor thrown in…

Backed by music from Erasure, here’s a clip from Cincinnati Pride…with 3.5 million people in attendance, Sao Paulo held the biggest Pride Parade in the world…


For an extensive viewing of San Jose’s Pride on June 10th, check out SJ Pride 1 , SJ Pride 2 , SJ Pride 3 , & SJ Pride 4

Check out this addition of Life On The Left Coast which touches on L.A. Pride and the violence which occurred at Moscow’s attempt at their first Pride event…and while I’m still waiting for a video from L.A. Pride, here’s a teaser clip with some hot guys in red…and another of the  Altoids float & men…and here’s a video montage from this year’s Fort Lauderdale Pride…here’s a cool slide show video from Pride in Tev Aviv


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