Grey’s Anatomy Going Gay: Seattle Grace’s New Couple

After the long wait, the Grey’s Anatomy 2-hour finale premiered not too long ago and ended with a kiss that will be replaying over and over in my head until the 5th season begins.

The foreshadowing of Dr. Callie Torrez (played by Sara Ramirez) and Dr. Erica Hahn’s relationship being more that “just friends” has been so intense for the past couple of episodes. From Callie’s noticeable uneasiness when Hahn (played by Brooke Smith) is around to Hahn kissing Callie “for show” to get McSteamy all hot and bothered, the tension has been building up. Obviously these little steps toward an intimate relationship led up to the finale, where in the last scene Callie plants one of the most passionate kisses I have seen on primetime television since… well since forever!

Many conservatives have been complaining that “Grey’s” has a social agenda these days. In fact, when Ramirez appeared on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, a well-known conservative, actually asked her if her character on the show was “going to switch teams and go for the lady.” Ramirez responded:


            “I think that Grey’s Anatomy is a revolutionary show in terms of its casting and in terms a lot of the universal truths in the relationships, the various relationships. And if Shonda Rhimes [the show’s writer] decides to expand that even further and expand our homophobic horizons, then I think it would be great.”

Yay for Ramirez being on board!

This is not the first time Rhimes has accurately and positively represented the LGBT community and LGBT issues on the show. Earlier in the season, the show featured two handsome young military men in a long, steamy kiss while Dr. Grey watched, obviously jealous of their evident love for each other. This episode referenced the immorality of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of the U.S military. In the episode, the ill soldier said to Dr. Grey, “You keep your personal life separate from your work life. I just never thought I’d meet my personal life at work."

Not only were the soldiers portrayed as affectionate, passionate, and devoted lovers, but the kiss was actually very touching. While watching it I got all teary eyed and had the same longing look as Dr. Grey did on screen!

Also, back in 2007, Grey’s Anatomy won the GLADD award for Outstanding Individual Episode for “Where the Boys Are.” The episode touched on the topics of gays having children and a man wanting gender reassignment surgery.

Go Grey’s! The show is beyond making up for Isaiah
Washington and his ridiculous outbursts. And now we have a new McDreamy on our hands. Ms. Callie Torres will be referred to around my house as McLezzy. 

Check out the unforgettable kiss below!



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