Hello Gay Fresno!



My name is Kaylia Metcalfe, and I am thrilled to join the blogging staff here at Gay Fresno! I will be blogging pretty regularly. My topics will include general life stuff, written reviews, relevant interviews, political “you should know” type things, and local events coverage

For my first entry, however, I thought I would give you a quick background of who I am.

As a writer: I have a BA in·Creative Writing·from Sacramento State University. I published a·short story collection·in 2009 and am currently writing two fantasy novels. I also write two personal blogs: a review blog (books, movies, and TV shows) and a general life blog that deals with politics, personal adventures, and general amusement.


More importantly, I have been active in the LGBT community since high school (over fifteen years now) by participating in clubs, Pride events, fund raising drives, phone banks, community outreach campaigns, and event coordination. Recently, I was lucky enough to be part of a panel discussion of sexuality and gender identity.  I personally identify as Bi. (click here to read more about the panel)

I moved to Fresno in November of last year from Santa Cruz. Wow! What a difference a three hour car ride makes! I’m settling into life here in the central valley and am excited about joining this community, but I miss the beach something fierce!

Okay, enough intro! Let’s get to it.

Next up: Event Coverage of Fresno City College Pride Day.  I’ll be there most of the day, please feel free to introduce yourself.


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