Know Who We’re Fighting…

It’s easy to think we know who we’re fighting in the battle for gay rights. Easy to believe we couldn’t be fooled. Easy to think we can spot our foes from a mile away. Again, know who we’re fighting. Know that when someone seems to support gay rights, it doesn’t always mean they do. This idea that such people as "progressive Christians" or "educated people", "artists", etc. would never have donated money to the passage of Prop 8 is absurd.

Take for example, a New York artist, Maureen Mullarkey (interesting last name for a hypocrite), who’s known for painting colorful pieces of art depicting drag queens and pride parades. She donated $1,000 to help Prop 8 pass, while at the same time stating that pride parades are "marvelous spectacles" and "assertions of solidarity". Know who we’re fighting, read the story HERE


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