LAST CALL from Stonewall Democrats

Fresno Stonewall Democrats Club is issuing a last minute appeal and invitation to the central California valley GLBT community to dine with them  at 7 pm Thursday, March 24th at PARDINI’S RESTAURANT.

The Dinner is organized by the Fresno County Democratic Women’s Club as their annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.  Each year they raise funds by bringing a political big honcho to Fresno to speak to the community.  This year’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner theme is "Kicking Into Action".  The Special Guest Speaker will be California State Treasurer, Phil Angelides who has also just announced the beginning of his campaign battle to unseat or terminate Governor Arnold Swarzenegger.

Even though the Dinner cost is $75 per person or $50 for students, the opportunity is promoted not only as a fundraiser to the Fresno County Democratic Womens Club, the Democrat Party Headquarters office and Democrat candidates for office, but also a chance to show in numbers that there is a large GLBT community deserving of support among the political powers that be.

Fresno Stonewall Club Secretary, Larry Norton has expressed concern that the word has not been adequately spread about this major Fresno happening.   As Club communication comes under his responsibilities as Club Secretary he is calling, emailing and spreading the last minute buzz that there is still time to get reservations to ensure that there is a place at the table with food.  Norton says, "The Democrat Party in Fresno is very ripe for the LGBT community to throw their weight around at this point as the Party has nowhere to grow and develop but upwards. The last several elections has seen the big media conglomerates search out and destroy Democrats by innuendo and outright lies just like the Republicans did to racial and sexual minorities of the population."   He concluded by saying, "Now it is up to each person to defend their own freedom, self-respect and dignity by joining in a coalition of the willing on the local level to battle the evil political forces."

The Jefferson -Jackson Dinner  on March 24th at Pardini’s on West Shaw Ave will have a no-host cocktail reception at 6 pm followed by the dinner at 7 pm.  The reservations are made by mail with check or credit card to FCDWC c/o President Janet Sangster, 6014 N. Winchester, Fresno, CA 93704 or by telephone to Mary Stanley at 559-268-5756.  Fresno Stonewall Democrats Club Secretary Larry Norton can be reached at 559-266-6666.


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