Lesbian/Bisexual Study Participants Compensated

Lesbian/Bisexual Females Needed!!

$15.00 for Participation

Are you an adult female (lesbian/bisexual) who has been in an abusive same-sex relationship in the past or currently in one?

The study will involve the following:

  • Interview: interview lasting 60 minutes with information remaining confidential.
  • Location: Interview will be at a location of your choice, no need to travel.
  • Time frame: Interviews will be conducted from December 19th – January 30th
  • Compensation:  You will be compensated $15.00 as a gratitude for your participation with your choice of either Starbucks or Target gift card.

To Participate contact Elizabeth Salas at 559-816-7510 or 559-707-5880. Email at [email protected]

If you have any further questions about the study, please contact Dr. Martha Vungkhanching at

(559) 278-8741 or email [email protected]



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