Letter From a DOMA Exile


domaJust got this from a Reader:


I am, however, unwilling to do so without the person that I love. We have been trying now for nearly 4 years, but it often feels virtually impossible and sometimes makes me very sad. I makes me feel like I am living in forced exile and that my country does not want me back because my partner of 8 years happens to be of the same-sex. I still harbor hopes that the country that is my homeland and I love, will one day honor our constitution and really embrace the fact that all of its citizens need to be treated equally in the eyes of the law.

I am a veteran and served for 4 years during the Vietnam war. I am an older American that certainly could benefit from a close VA hospital. I have been retired for a few years and it is difficult to maintain my obligations and commitments in two places in these hard times. I get a little depressed sometimes when I think too much about it. I have had to learn to accept that my country really believes that I am second class citizen.

Then, one day, for the first time in my life, I heard a President of the United States support marriage equality in America. I perked up and starting paying attention. I watched as he directed his Justice Department to cease defending the Defense of Marriage Act that causes our federal government not to recognize same-sex unions. I actually started smiling again. I cheered, as very slowly, US Immigrations began relaxing the rules relating to the deportation of the foreign partners of Americans. Then, Immigrations actually rewrote the definition of “family” and made it easier for same-sex foreigners to stay with their American mates.

Now, I sit and watch as DOMA awaits its’ fate in the US Supreme Court. I have hope again and am holding my breath. I pray that it is declared unconstitutional and the federal ban on recognizing the marriage of same-sex folks will finally be lifted. I will then apply to bring my spouse home and jump through all the immigration hoops with energy and happiness.

I have already voted for President Obama, as I am totally sure that if Governor Romney were to become the President that human rights in America will be plunged into darkness for the long foreseeable future.

I believe what make a country truly great is how its government treats its citizens with regard to all human rights. While very important, it is not money or the economy or jobs or the budget or the military that makes a great country. On those issues both candidates have different approaches. But the real issue for me and I urge you to consider this as your gauge; Which candidate is the most inclusive and empowering for all American’s diverse citizens?

To me it is simple. Let’s keep moving forward towards the goal of equality for all Americans. Let’s get back to basics and achieve the goal of NO MORE SECOND CLASS CITIZENS in America. If we achieve that worthy goal, we will be amazingly great once again. You just watch America, let us out of our cocoons, help us with education and let us fly. We will show you just how strong and beautiful we all can be. Let us show you our true colors!

Please get out and vote! It is so important this time! I really want to come home again and help once again.

With love to you all,

Skip Burns


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