LGBT Community Center Opens In Fresno

The Central Valley celebrated the opening of an LGBT community center in Fresno on Sunday, February 13th. The center is located at 1055 N Van Ness Avenue, Suite C, Fresno, CA 93728. The center will provide information, as well as facilitate the meeting of different organizations in the LGBT community.

For the individual, the center will provide a place of support and guidance. The Fresno County Department of Health has provided free condoms and HIV/AIDS information.  There is a 24 hour phone number is 559-325-4429 or 559-325-4GAY. It is also a place for people to relax and socialize at.

Brock Neely & John Coffee

Brock Neely and John Coffee from Porterville.  Brock said, “We don’t want tolerance, we want acceptance.” They are both very involved in the Trevor Project.

Jerry Thurston & Diane Blair from SAFE

Jerry Thurston and Diane Blair from SAFE (Straight Advocates for Equality). Thurston said the center “solidifies a tangible place for the LGBT community and their advocates.”

Jason Scott, Randy Gray & Venus DeCarlo

Jason Scott. “I’m hoping that everyone will see this as the start of something and it is something they want to support with their time and money. It is necessary to support a place like this because it is crucial for those LGBT youths in need.”

Louis Hernandez, 20. Venus Decarlo. Martell Udell, 20. Yesenia Valdez, 22. Benji Kakihina, 18 and Nkechi Uzegbu, 22. Denise Wallace from Fresno City College Diversity club. Benji noted the importance of a place where, “people can go and learn and get involved in the LGBT community.”

Mona Smith, Jennifer McGuire & Slade Childers

Slade Childers, “I’ve always said ‘if Fresno needs a LGBT Community center.’ This is the starting place. There are a lot of groups. This gives them the opportunity to come together, network and disseminate information. There needs to be more networking with other centers in California.” Mona Smith, Jennifer McGuire and Slade Childers from Visalia Pride Lions Club.

Calliope & Sabrina with daughter, Isadora

Married couple, Calliope and Sabrina with daughter, Isadora. They have been together for 5 years and have been married since 2009.

Kate Henry: GCV Secretary, Chris Jarvis: GCV Vice President, Jason Scott: GCV President & Jaymi Morgan: GCV Volunteer & Marriage Equality USA

Chris Jarvis , who will be running the center, commented, “People have been talking about it for 30 years. We had the last center in the 90’s.”

Amanda & Brooke Burk: GCV Treasurer & Webmaster of

Kirk Caldwell of Community Link

The center will be open:






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