Macy’s Upholds Transgender Rights


Macy’s has stepped up its game in protecting the rights of all of its customers. An employee at a San Antonio, Texas store was fired for refusing to allow a transgender customer to enter the female dressing rooms.

A few days after Thanksgiving, Natalie Johnson refused to let a transgender woman, who she described as a man in makeup and woman’s clothes, use the woman’s fitting rooms.

The woman, who’d been instructed by store officials to allow transgender customers to use the dressing room of their choice, claims she refused to do so because of her religious beliefs. This is the same nonsense a couple of New York employees used when they left their county clerk positions after same sex marriage was legalized in the state.

Now, the Liberty Council, an organization dedicated to defending religious freedom, has taken on the case.  It’s yet another example of the recent trend with employees believing their religious beliefs trump company policy. Time to look for work somewhere else…

A statement from Macy’s included…

“At Macy’s we recognize and appreciate the diversity of our customers and associates.”



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