Middle Sexes – Redefining He & She

Image Although I’m a gay man, I’ve struggled for years trying to understand the complexities involved with those who are transgender or transsexual. I fully support them, yet I’ve always felt a void in my understanding of the issues of those particular gender and sexual identities. Middle Sexes – Redefining He & She, provided clear, concise and educated enlightenment. Not only on those issues, but on a whole realm of varied levels and degrees of human sexuality. Helmed by the brilliant narration of Gore Vidal, this documentary travels to several countries and examines social structures regarding homosexuality and transgender issues. I came away from this documentary a lot wiser, and I highly recommend it, particularly to anyone who rejects any sexuality or identity outside of heterosexuality. Watch this and your eyes will be opened, as well as your hearts. Netflix Link: Netflix: Middle Sexes – Redefining He & She


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