Music Video – My Love Is Alive

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     The re-election of GW Bush did some pretty big damage to my faith in America. Besides the obvious insanity of the Iraq war, it became clear that prejudice in America was still strong, with Bush favoring a constitutional amendment to permanently ban gay marriage and 11 states passing anti-gay legislation.
     I was listening to this song one day and felt it was the perfect statement to make to all those who seem to think that as gay people we’re not just immoral, but that we don’t feel the same things as everyone else. Shouting out "My Love Is Alive" seemed a fitting way to get the message across that our relationships are not about sex, as many proclaim, but about love. At the time I was also working as a DJ at The North Tower Circle and I had turned Wednesday nights into a video lounge, where I would play blocks of music and then a short block of videos. Since I was doing everything I could to come up videos to play at the club, I started creating some of my own, which was what led to this video.
     Regardless of what those who condemn us say, our love is here, alive, just as valid, and we will not stop until we are granted the same legal rights as heterosexuals.

Chris Jarvis


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