Notes from Queer Choice

Last Thursday evening, February 8th, Fresno’s Tower District Splash Bar was the place to be for the very first Queer Choice event!

Queer Choice was created with the idea of a non partisan way to motivate and “get out the vote” geared and crafted towards the LGBTQ+ community and its allies. At the event, participants could register to vote, check their voter registration status, update their address and complete any name changes. Volunteers were on hand to answer any questions about the candidates running and the proposals from the March 5th primary.

A handful of candidates running were on hand to give their last minute speeches. The notables that were in attendance were Congressman Jim Costa, City Council Mike Karbassi, Jennifer Cruz County Supervisor district 5 candidate, Bryce Herrera and Dion Bourdase for County Supervisor district 2, Matthew Gillian City Council district 2 candidate and a good amount of candidates running for seats on the Fresno County Democrats Central Committee.

It was a fun event filled with music, snacks, drinks and enlightenment and encouragement! The entire event was MC’d by local leader Lourin Hubbard who kept the night moving along and entertaining. Lourin is crafted with a talent that makes the evening shine. One moment that was a highlight and confirmation that the event was successful for Monte Forkas, the organizer of the entire night was that a participant of the evening asked “can we do this again for the November election?” Monte confirming with a “of course we will!”


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