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Touch Of Pink   Written and Directed by Ian Iqbal Rashid / Rated R / Starring: Jimi Mistry, Kyle Maclachlan, with Suleka Mathew, Kristen Holden-Reid, Veena Sood and Brian George


Review by: Leon Velasco  Rating: Thumbs up

I, and anyone else who has to overcome a cultural barrier for being yourself and having to mask your true self, will be able to fully relate with it. The constant changing of; he/she, or vice versa, is a constant battle to remember. Not only must we conform to the outside world but to our heavily judgmental ancestral-cultural ways of the norm. The present social conformity is more lenient, however some relatives aren’t. Not only does it touch base with that but what of the “mixed” couples? Some factors are slightly looked at as well. This is a good movie about how in front of “Family” we are different when they don’t have a clue.



Touch of Pink is a comic clash of cultures, values, and sexuality. Alim (The Guru’s Jimi Mistry) seems to have it all: a great career, a handsome boyfriend, and a personal guide in the spirit of Cary Grant (Kyle MacLachlan from TV’s “sex and the City”). And living thousands of miles from his mother, Nuru (Suleka Mathew), and his family in Toronto , he can keep his lifestyle hidden. But when Alim’s conservative mom pays him an impromptu visit, with the intention of dragging her son to a big fat monsoon wedding and getting him matched up with a “nice girl,” the spirit of Cary Grant suddenly becomes indispensable.


“A DELIGHTFUL R OMANTIC COMEDY!”Susannah Gora, Primiere Magazine  






Erotic Novel / Author Jonathan Asche /Review by Leon Velasco


Rating: Both Thumbs up


I have never read such a sexually packed novel. Each chapter was not without sex. It was amazing that the author was able to be so descriptive to clearly see it unfold through your imagination. Each detail so vivid, (I must confess, had re-read a few chapters because it was arousing… (We’ll leave it at that) that I’d have to leave the book awhile then come back to it. I would take it with me to read at appointments as I waited to be called, I’d try to time it so that I’d stop reading before getting called so I wouldn’t display a woody when I’d stand from my chair. Anyone “Up” for a sexual read? Better have some lube and tissues handy.

Mindjacker— The institute wanted Lucas for his power. Now it wants Lucas dead. Joseph wanted Lucas for his Body. Now he must capture him for the institute. All Lucas wanted was freedom, but that freedom is about to come to an end…One look into Lucas’ eyes and men surrendered their minds…and their bodies.

“Jonathan Asche has painted a collection of Masterpieces. Mindjacker has enough twists and turns to not only solicit majorwood, but hold the reader’s attention through the end.”—Blake Harper 

“Page after page, the sex just keeps on coming at you. Your mind won’t be the only thing jacked when you’re done with this great piece of writing.” — R.J. March, author of Hard and looking for looking for trouble.

“Totally satisfying super-horny, supernatural wish-fulfillment fun.”



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