O.U.T. L.O.U.D. in Fresno

ImageO.U.T. L.O.U.D. stands for Open and Understanding Team, Loving Ourselves and Uniting Diversity.

Starting in January of 2006, O.U.T. L.O.U.D. began its planning phases with seven members.  The inspiration for O.U.T. L.O.U.D. began several years prior to the actual establishment of the group by those who had aged-out of GSA Network and other community advocacy organizations.  These individuals felt a strong need to continue their works in social activism and also address other community issues.  In the initial three month planning period those seven members grew in exponential proportions into a team of seventy individuals between the ages of 17 and 24; and membership continues to grow with each new meeting.  Out of the Closet Book Store has been a great support to O.U.T. L.O.U.D. by offering a venue to conduct meetings.  Acc epting and embracing ourselves for who we are; while confronting social injustice as a united front became the standing mission statement; encompassing, in short, who we are and what we want to accomplish.  As a community oriented organization our main goals are: to create discrimination awareness around society’s taboos, developing a safe and comfortable environment for extra-curricular activities, and equipping our peers with a voice against intolerance and a mind to make a difference.  These three goals are based on, but not limited to, advocative, supportive, and social issues in and around our community.  Our first short-term goal is to create a resource and social group for peers who identify as queer or straight-ally.  Our second goal is to create a means for individuals who identify as transgender or have emotional disturbances with their given name to have it changed in the legal system.  In the future, O.U.T. L.O.U.D. plans to be involved with oth er community minorities. 

All questions and comments can be directed to the planning committee by visiting www.myspace.com/outloud_fresno or by email at [email protected]; or by calling Lu’kas at (559)776-2798 or Ty at (559)736-0379.

(Pictured above from left to right Scotti Maldanado, Ty Ryan, Raisha Pacella, Lu’kas Porter, & Jesse Knotts)
O.U.T. L.O.U.D. next meeting is April 13th at 6pm at Out Of The Closet Bookstore and then April 27th at 6pm at the GSA Network office.


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