“Parents Matter Act” passes – Book bans to begin

Fresno County Supervisor Steve Brandau’s resolution the “Parents Matter Act” has passed in a vote of 3 for and 2 against. (video) Supervisors Brandau, Nathan Magsig and Buddy Mendes voting in favor. This now begins a months long process of creating an unelected board of 11 individuals. Each Supervisor will hand pick two people and one person will be selected by County Administrator Paul Nerland.

They will effectively be banning books from the children’s section at all county libraries. Any books this board finds meets the vague definition of “sexual, gender-identity, or otherwise mature” will be pulled from shelves and hidden away from adults or children having access to them without a direct request to library staff. Children will be unable to request these materials without a parent present.

Once the board reaches at least 8 members, they will be tasked with reviewing all current and new books available at all 34 county libraries.

“The usual job of a conservative political leader is to reduce government’s reach, not extend it. But that is not what Brandau did; rather, he used his position in government to further the conservatives’ culture war.” said Tad Weber, The Fresno Bee.

“How often did you say you visited the library prior to this book?” asked Action News Reporter Kate Nemarich.

“Oh, I visited the library years ago. I haven’t been to the library in years, but all of those questions and those answers they’re meaningless,” said Steve Brandau, Fresno County Supervisor.

Only one person spoke in favor of the act, Clovis City Council Member Diane Pearce, who said she spoke on behalf of herself and those who have voiced their support of the act to her.

“(They) make sure the flag can’t fly on any county building back in June. The pride flag. And I think it’s going to continue to cause the same division amongst our community. And I think we’ll see more hate crimes and I think we’ll see more hate incidents,” said Jennifer Cruz with Fresno EOC’s LGBTQ Resource Center.


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  1. I sent an email to my council member, and to the entire council. I went so far as to ask: what if the OTHER SIDES demanded you remove anything contrary to their beliefs? I do not condone showing graphic pictures to young children, but that is for the parents to decide, NOT the city council.

    (I’m already a newsletter subscriber)

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