Peace and Dignity Journeys Concert

The Peace and Dignity Concert has come and gone once again.  "It took Months and Months of preparations for it to be over in just 4 hours." Says Mrs. Jessie Hernandez Coordinating Assistant, "But it was all worth it."

Peace and Dignity Journey is an organization that was founded on a Native American  Prophecy. An Eagle, representing the northern half of the continents and a Condor representing the southern continents Converge together.

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This group starts a 6 month journey by running from Chickalou, Alaska and runs through the Western States down into Mexico and presses on to Panama. Through this tedious trek the runners carry what is know as a spirit staff by different tribal nations and each runner at their turn carries it all the mean time praying for all people no matter what race, creed, religion, or lifestyle.

Through donations and fundraising, the group obtains funds for items such as supplies (clothing or first aid) for the runners, food, lodging, and fuel.

The music was awesome as always, the food was delicious, the many supporters who attended really enjoyed themselves and for the first time we decided to incorporate vendors booths.  The beautiful clothing from Oaxaca, the sandals and bags from Central America, the jewelry of many nations, and others who had handmade wares that were just beautiful.

But, I believe the best part of all was the honoring of Manuela "Grandma" Medina.  She has for the past 3 Peace and Dignity Journey runs contributed in so many ways.  She has cooked, sewn, made earrings and necklaces but most of all taken in all of the young ladies and men of CSU into her heart and adopted each and everyone as a grandchild, hence the name given to her by a runner who came through Fresno in 2000 (Jose Malvido) "Grandma".

Hummingbird singers sang an honoring song as members of the community lined up to pay their respects to this 84 (soon to be 85 in 4 days) woman who tirelessly has given so much of her time but most of all Love, to Peace and Dignity Journeys and all those who come into the circle of PDJ.

Attached are a few pictures of the event.

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