Planned Parenthood Attack Heats Up


Due to a current investigation by Congress, led by anti-abortion groups, Susan G Komen For The Cure, the largest breast cancer charity, has issued a decision to pull grant money from Planned Parenthood. Their policy is to not give money to any organization which is under investigation. The Komen Foundation has invested almost two billion dollars on breast cancer research since it began.

This is the latest in a recent onslaught of attacks on Planned Parenthood from conservative organizations, often claiming that Planned Parenthood operates under a different set of standards than it actually does, as well as misrepresenting where their funding comes from.

Now, some of those affilitated with Susan G Komen, including doctors, are pulling away from the organization, stating that they disagree with the leader’s moves.

Dr. Kathy Plesser, a Manhattan radiologist on the medical advisory board of Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s New York chapter, said she plans to resign from her position unless Komen reverses its decision to pull grant money from Planned Parenthood.

“I’m a physician and my interest is women’s health, and I am disturbed by Komen’s decision because I am a very strong advocate for serving under-served women,” Plesser told The Huffington Post. “Eliminating this funding will mean there’s no place for these women to go. Where are these women to go to have a mammography? Do they not deserve to have mammography?”

The money from Komen has funded screening, education and treatment programs for breast cancer through Planned Parenthood. Since the news broke, Planned Parenthood has received an additional $400,000 in donations from the public. New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg plans to make a substantial donation as well.


Check out the video below, where Andrea Mitchell talks with Nancy Brinker of Susan G Komen For The Cure about the recent controversy. Mitchell, a breast cancer survivor, points out that Karen Handel, VP of the organization stated publically that she was “staunchly pro life”. Brinker denies that Handel had anything to do with the decision.


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