Police Pepper Spray SEATED Protestors

You want a definitive answer as to which side the police are on?…either the public, who PAYS THEIR SALARIES…or CORPORATIONS in bed with GOVERNMENT…if THIS VIDEO doesn’t get you on the side of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, NOTHING WILL


In a longer version of the video, the students are shown seated across a stretch of walkway surrounded by more than a dozen UC Davis cops, dressed in riot gear and clutching batons. Many other students are standing along the sides of the scene, watching and protesting as the standoff unfolded. Some students shouted “Thugs on campus!” and “From Davis to Greece, fuck the police!” Those chants were tamped down quickly by others, who warned all to “Keep it peaceful” and “Keep it nonviolent.”

So the students started up a new chant that would prove prophetic: “You use weapons! We use our voice!”

At one point, one of the riot cops ambles over to the seated line and asks one of the students a question. The student replies, “We’re sitting here.”

The police officer then returns to his position with the other officers. He also turns his back on the seated students, as does at least one other officer. They show no fear that the students might turn violent or threatening. The first cop talks on his radio for a while.

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

After a few “mic checks” and few more chants, a cop goes back to the seated students. The student asks, “You’re gonna shoot me for sitting here? You’re shooting us for sitting here?”

Roughly a minute later, the officer can be seen shaking the pepper spray canister as the gathered students start shouting, “Don’t shoot your children!”

As the officer began spraying the group of students, onlookers screamed, “Don’t do it! Don’t you do it!”



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