Rainbow Delegation Included in June Advocate

Matt Mazzei and the Rainbow Delegation are featured in the article 193 Reasons to Have Pride in 2011 in the June issue of The Advocate

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Before he came out, [Fresno State] college student and violinist Matthew Mazzei did not think there were many gay people in his hometown of Fresno, Calif. But then a project he started by asking his friends to increase LGBT visibility has shown him just how gay and gay-friendly Fresno actually is. In only six months Mazzei and his team of friends have sent [50,000] rainbow bracelets around the world, regardless of the requester’s ability to pay (he does accept optional donations).

The goal of his organization, Rainbow Delegation, is simple: to spread awareness through a visual reminder that gay people ywhere, from Salt Lake City to Ho Chi Minh City. “This project has given me a lot more confidence in myself,” he says. “It’s given me a passion and a focus for a cause. There are so many areas like Fresno where people of any age might feel rejected or marginalized. Now some kids will know they’re not alone.”


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